October 1, 2019

office.com/myaccount – Microsoft Office Account Login

How would it be if you could access news, email, LIVE sports updates and can even sign-in your computer via just entering one password? Yes, it is possible if you sign up for a Microsoft account by visiting office.com/myaccount. So what exactly is a Microsoft account and what are its benefits? So let us discuss it in detail.

But why do you need a Microsoft account? This is because, a Microsoft account can help you sync your data across all compatible devices and provide you a seamless experience across all Microsoft services. A user can save his preferences in a particular service after he signs up for an account. Here are the services that can be utilized after signing in.

Windows 10 – We all know that Windows is a computer operating system and is owned by Microsoft. You can not only sign in by entering your user account password, but also by using the Microsoft account PIN. The operating system is a feature-rich software package that comes with various functionalities comes handy in day-to-day usage. Microsoft account can be synchronized to Windows 10 so that you can receive, reply and send emails; sync your favorite music across devices and even set up security verification for future logins similar to apple’s security authentication.

OneDrive – A cloud storage for everyone, where any individual who creates an account or signs up gets 5 GB or five gigabytes on online storage free. A user can save his files like photos, videos, documents etc to later access it online from anywhere through the internet. Extra space on OneDrive can be brought by a premium and it can also be synchronized with your PC or even android phone. Apart from individual users, even business and enterprises too can avail OneDrive service at a cost. Setting up Microsoft Account sign up is an easy process and can be done by visiting office.com/myaccount.

Edge Browser – It is a web browser just like the Internet explorer. If a user signs up or logs in with his Microsoft account, he can sync his browser data on different devices. Web histories, bookmarks, favorite websites, saved passwords are also saved in the account, so when the user signs in to Edge on any other device, his data is saved with the new device. 

Crotona Voice Assistance – Crotona is a voice command tool for users that looks for web results, photos, and apps and also does common tasks on a Windows 10 computer or laptop. When signed in, a user can set preferences including one that allows only the user’s voice for searches. Crotona searches search results through various search engines. 

MS Office – Office is a useful software package that comes handy doing day-to-day activities on a computer or laptop. The package comprises of a word processing tool, a calculating and data input app and a presentation making software. By using the Microsoft Account sign up page, you can sign up for using the office for free. Here there are limited features if you wish to uses office free of cost, but you can enjoy unlimited access and feature-rich office experience, then you can get it for a premium. Also if you want to download it on your PC, you can buy an activation code that could be done by logging in to your Microsoft account. This can be done by visiting office.com/myaccount.

Skype – We are all aware of Skype and most of us must have used it in the past too. Skype is a VoIP service that now supports text messaging and video calls. Skype or Microsoft account holders can call among themselves for no cost. Group voice and video calling are new features on Skype. Phone numbers too can be called via Skype, but these can be accomplished only by buying Skype Credits.

Xbox – It is a video-gaming platform and also a console that can be loaded with games to be played on smart devices like TV screens, computers, even mobile phones. These games can only played if a user logs-in with a Microsoft account which can be accessed by visiting office.com/myaccount. This is not just the only feature of the account, but when a user signs in, he gets exclusive benefits and also discounts while purchasing in game features.

So now that we have learned about the services and benefits of Microsoft account, let us learn how to sign-up for it.

How to Sign-up for a Microsoft Account

Just follow the below steps to create a Microsoft Account with ease.

  1. Visit office.com/setup
  2. You will see a Microsoft logo and “Sign in” page, click on “Create One!” 
  3. Now the new page will be of “Create account”, here choose any one option to create an account, either use your mobile phone number or create a new email address
    1. So, if you want to use your wireless number, click on “Use a phone number instead”
    2. Or click on “Get a new email address”
  4. Now you just need to follow the on-screen instructions so that you can create your account.

Now that you have created you Microsoft account, you can sign in to you account by visiting office.com/myaccount and enjoying exclusive services and benefits offered by Microsoft. Now let us learn how to do Microsoft Account Restore Password.

Microsoft Account Restore Password

To do a Microsoft account, restore password, visit office.com/myaccount. Here enter your email address or phone number, whichever you used to login into your Microsoft account and then click on “Next”. Now it will ask for password. But since you do not remember the password, click on “Forgot Password” link and follow the on-screen instructions. This will help you reset your password.