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MS Office suite is an updated and highly work-oriented collection of applications, products, and services from the house of Microsoft, accessible via, a multi-purpose online platform to access, manage and renew office products. It is also one of the most sold out and downloaded software packages in history among all sorts of users across the globe. The MS Office suite is best known for its capability of automating your official work in this era of digital innovations.

MS Office productivity suite provides a multi-purpose platform that offers you a project-oriented solution for all your needs for home and business uses. You can download the applications from as it gives you direct access to your purchased MS Office products and services by just signing in your Microsoft account.

They provide you the right tools and features and support to realize your dream projects and helps you perform multiple tasks simultaneously ranging from creating visual presentations with graphics, preparing work reports and text documents, all the way to managing email accounts and data storage.

How businesses can endorse productivity via

For business-oriented purposes, MS Office bridges the gap between manual proceedings and automation requirements of the organization, thus, enabling employing to perform in a more productive manner.

Everything you need to remain an effective team in the tense environment of emerging competition among businesses, MS Office is capable of delivering and works as an asset in the best interest of your organization.

To bring all the innovations of automation technology into your organization, MS Office suite is the best option, to begin with. The programs and applications you will get in your subscription package will be supported by a user-interface that is easy to manage and navigate for end users. You can download them via

To deliver the ever-growing demands of digital automation of business organizations, MS Office brings in the salient cloud-based applications for better collaboration among employees and clients. These applications today have secured a center spot in the heart of millions who embraced the power of digital automation and demonstrated utmost faith upon Microsoft for fulfilling their every need.

People who deeply enrooted MS Office productivity suite in their professional career for everyday computing needs include Students, Engineers, Working professionals, freelancers, remote workers, graphic designers, web developers, professors, scientists, and the list is infinite.

Essential elements that come handy while migrating businesses to MS Office

You need to ensure to have the following details in hand before you choose to migrate to MS Office productivity suite:

  • Just remember to have updated computer systems in your office with the latest version of Operating System installed on them.
  • Forward an official mail to all employees with a prior notice to backup all the files and folders or any kind of vital information stored on their computer, just in case of any anomaly happens while installing MS Office suite
  • Get all you computer equipped with minimum system requirements for the installation and activation of MS Office suites
  • Do ensure to have a valid subscription of MS Office productivity suite
  • Choose to purchase MS Office suite that fits in your line of work
  • Get all unwanted file or trash data out of your temporary folder to make room for the installation process
  • Maintain an interrupted Internet connectivity throughout the process to download and install MS Office suite via

What is MS Office Product Key? gives you a one-stop solution to redeem your product key after you subscribe to any MS Office Product or service. MS Office product key is a unique 25 digits alphanumeric character product activation code that you will receive along with your purchase ID. The product key is what you buy when you subscribe to MS Office suite.

The process of redeeming your product depends on the manner of your purchase which includes both online Purchase mode and Offline purchase mode. In online Purchase, you need to make an online transaction through your credit card or debit card to pay for the subscription package. In offline purchase, you visit a computer retail shop in your nearby location and purchase a subscription retail card from the owner.

Contents of Office Setup software package

Office setup is an important package of software that is available for computers and smartphones and the best part is that it is also downloadable on Apple's Mac computers and laptops too via So, what are the key software packaged which office setup comprises of? Let’s learn them one by one.

Office Word – A simple and handy word processing app that helps in creating notes, documents, emails, letters and other documents for our daily needs. It features text formatting, basic designing, and even page formatting for magazines. You may import pictures, and do editing on it. Over the years, its developers have brought in various changes and improvements which have helped in making it easier to use.

Office Excel – By using Excel, you can manage data and conduct different mathematical calculations on the document itself. Different Formulas can also be applied in a specific part of the sheet and you also have the option to use the whole sheet instead. So, basically, the data entered, is by default categorized. Excel makes calculations easy and organized.

Office PowerPoint – This is a wonderful app in the office setup package. PowerPoint helps a user in creating and designing explainable presentations with full customization. It naturally becomes easier when projects and products are explained step-by-step. Along with data elaborated on each slide makes it easier for the viewer itself. Office PowerPoint is being used for educational purposes as well as corporate offices.

Office Outlook – There are many email clients available but Outlook is a clean, simple and compact mail client where the user can synchronize emails, personal or professional. The user will not have to use the browser to send and receive emails. It supports all publicly available services like MSN Mail, AOL mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and also supports official emails from custom domains like Microsoft Exchange. One good part about the software is that the user does not need to input the password every time the Outlook is opened.

Other Office Apps – There are many other apps like Publisher, OneNote, and Access that are a part of Microsoft office. These apps have their specific use and are mostly for professional use.

To redeem the key, you need to follow the steps given below:

Online Purchase

  1. Log in to your personal email account that you registered while purchasing the subscription
  2. Go to the inbox, and open the order confirmation email
  3. Click on the given link to redeem your product key along with information to download, install and activate the product.

Offline Purchase

  1. The product key is printed on the back of your retail card
  2. Peel off the back cover of your retail card to retrieve the product key
  3. The information to download, purchase and activate the product is available inside the retail card

If you lost your product key, you can contact Microsoft Customer Care Services and provide all the necessary details of your purchase order such as receipt number, to get a new product key. For more information, visit

Get started with to download and install Office setup

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in your Microsoft account
  3. Enter your product key
  4. Choose your product and click “Download”
  5. Click “Run” or “Save” to get the file downloaded on your system or to run the setup at once
  6. Once the installation window pops-up, read the end-user license agreement carefully and click “I Agree”
  7. Follow the on-screen instruction
  8. Wait for the installation to get completed
  9. Now, try activating your office setup

Steps to activate your Office setup

  1. Double-click the MS Office icon on the desktop to launch the activation process
  2. Enter the product key
  3. Click “Activate Now”
  4. Wait for the process to get completed
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully deployed MS office on your computer


You can get in touch with Microsoft Customer Support Services by using multiple communication channels including Phone call, email ID or email exchange. They are available 24*7 for the convenience of users. They will guide you through the whole process of download and installation of Office products if you fail to understand the above steps.

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